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Hi there,

Most of the time when we receive emails, they are from people who ask us how they could have their pictures added to our apps.

But this morning we received a fairly pondered email from Joachim, a photographer from Germany and I thought I’d share it here, because it is an interesting issue.

I say fairly pondered because he was very polite but he felt we were stealing some of his images and used his work wrongly. Let me quote his mail and then respond to it :

I found several of my pictures in your apps, and the license CC by-nc-sa does not allow to use them without showing my name, and not at all with advertisment.

You owe me a big one from my wishlist at amazon.

and here is my answer :

Hi Joachim,

First, we are sorry that our app made you feel stolen.

Our apps do not ‘Steal’ pictures in any way. We use pictures from the common creative of Flickr.

To comply with the CC’s that we respect a lot, there is a clearly visible(or so we thought) ‘i’ button at the top of each picture.
This button gives access to people to the name of the Author of the picture, the name of the file, a direct link to the picture page on flickr and a count view.

If you still feel that we are doing you wrong by showing your pictures, simply send us the name of the app where you’re spotted your pictures and we’ll remove them immediately.

All our pictures are hand-picked, so if you made the cut, then keep up the good work :)

We take copyright infringement very seriously and we respect photographers work a lot. We choose the pictures very carefully one by one and we make sure all the details about it are readily available to our viewers would they want to see more of this particular photographer work.

If like Joachim you find one or more pictures from your work in our apps and don’t feel honored, proud or happy in anyway, contact us immediately and we will remove the pictures and update the app the very day we receive your inquiry.

To all photographers of the world : Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone use your work if you don’t feel like it. That’s what copyright’s are for :D

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Welcome to our Android apps

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated with our new Android apps.


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